Thursday, March 11, 2010

5 Easy Tips to Organize Your Linen Closet

Much like a junk drawer, linen closets tend to be breeding grounds for disorganization. They quickly become cluttered as yet another one-off sheet is purchased from Homegoods and stuffed into the back of the closet, and downright frustrating when you grab the full fitted sheet while rooting around for the king fitted.

Here are five tips to help you quickly organize your linen closet.

1. Purge, Purge, Purge: A theme that repeats through all organization projects, the first thing you have to do is edit your linen collection. I held onto a plaid Ralph Lauren pillow case through 4 moves over 5 years in my early twenties. I thought it was the perfect mixture of "Connecticut Preppy" and "Beach Chic" and represented the kind of décor I'd one day decorate my beach house about 30 year's time if I was lucky and won the lottery. After years of neglect (it never matched any of my other bedding) I finally parted with my favorite pillow case. The moral of the story is: if you haven't used something for 6 months, it's time to sell or donate.

2. Go All White: This one's a no-brainer. Nothing will make your linen closet look more organized than monochromatic sheets, towels, pillow cases and coverlets. If you're afraid this will become a boring décor scheme, think of the fun you'll have choosing colorful and flashy blankets, throw pillows, and shower curtains

3. Label the Shelves: Easier for you and easier for houseguests, labelling the shelving of your linen closets (or the baskets you store you're bedding and towels in) is a quick and easy organizing trick. Get out your label maker or Japanese Masking Tape and label away. Just remember to keep things simple: "full size" is perfect, "full size sheets for pull out couch" is over-wrought and may earn you a reputation as a organization freak.

4. Get the Wrinkles Out: Aside from editing your linen collection down, nothing will make your closet look better than ironing its contents. Sheets will fold more easily and your bed will look more restful with a wrinkle-free dust ruffle. Confession: I never iron. Much to my Mother's horror, I don't even own one. I honestly rather scrub the bathroom than get out an ironing board and plug in an iron. As an alternative, I purchased a clothes steamer and have never looked back. If you're lazy like me, a Jiffy cloethes steamer is worth the money--both for your linens and your clothes, drapes and outerwear.

5. Invest in Bins: Topless bins or baskets will make organizing a breeze and cut down on the need to fold things absolutely perfectly. To buy, fold a towel and measure the width. Purchase bins that will hold your linens as they lie flat folded.

There's really nothing quite like a beautifully made bed or a stack of fresh-from-the-dryer towels. Creating an organized and clutter-free home for your linens is a quick and impactful organizing project.
Provided by: Elizabeth Arkin

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