Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start to Finish - One Customer's Testimonial

“We have been living with our new closet for over 2 months now and I want you to know just what a great change it has been in our lives. Having my shoes and clothes so available and easy to find has relieved stress every morning when I get dressed for work. I can find all my clothes and shoes easily and it is so nice to be able to put an outfit together quickly. Also it has made both me and my husband neater people because it is so convenient to hang things up after we wear something. No more using the love seat as a dumping place for worn clothing. We just go to the nice organized closet and hang things up after we wear them. What a concept!

So thanks so much for your wonderful design. Also your installation guys should be complemented for their superior work and professionalism. They actually cleaned up after themselves. And the Starbucks card was a very thoughtful touch.” – S. Burger, Indianapolis, IN

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